“I recently returned to my love of horses, after decades of not having them in my life.  My youngest daughter, who is a consummate rider and horse owner, suggested that I contact Amy Savage of Amiable Sporthorse to resume my training.  I had purchased a Friesian and brought a rescued Thoroughbred into my home.  These two horses are as different as night and day.
I thought that Amy would arrive at my stable and just have me mount my horse and away we would go.  Wrong.  She took one look at my horse and said that he was super anxious and we needed to try to help him by giving him the proper tools to work through his nervousness.  Now, when I rode "back in the day", no trainer that I had, EVER talked about the horse and their needs.  They simply told me to get on the horse and do what I was told. 
Amy has brought a philosophy into my life that focuses on the rider AND the horse.  The education that I am receiving from Amy is an absolute eye-opener! The connection that I am experiencing with my animals is something that I could have never dreamed of.  It's magic. 
I am also over the moon grateful for the other like-minded equestrian "magicians" that Amy has brought into my life.  Her thoughtfulness and willingness to help me find the resources that I need to continue my horses' progress is something that I can never repay.  She is simply the BEST there is, when it comes to total comprehensive equestrian training, from the inside out. 
If you want to truly progress in your equestrian journey, Amy is the door to that path.  My horses and I are so lucky that we have Amy to facilitate our work together.  I never knew the true connection that I could have with these beautiful, graceful, magical creatures we call horses.  Amy has given me that, and it is a priceless gift!“ -Julie J. of Novato, Ca
"I currently live in Munich, Germany and have been taking private riding lessons from one of the city's very prestigious riding clubs. During my recent visit to Petaluma, I found Amy of "Amiable Sporthorse" and booked a package of private lessons. I am thrilled to say that the lessons Amy provided were outstanding! The quality of her riding knowledge and combined with her excellent teaching styles were fantastic. Amy's conscientious love and care of her horses reflects on the attitude of the horses she uses for teaching - who are all safe, gentle and sweet natured. It was truly a pleasure to have found her and I would highly recommend Amy at Amiable Sporthorse to anyone of all ages who is interested in receiving a professional and high quality horsemanship/riding lessons. Many thanks again Amy and I surely look forward to having more lessons the next time I am in Petaluma." -Rene B. (Munich, Germany)
"Amy is a great instructor! As a former co-worker I saw her teach beginner children safely, effectively and of course with a sense of fun! Now that she's started her own business she is no longer my coworker (unfortunately- she was great to work with!) but now gives me (almost) monthly lessons on my own horse and helped me achieve my competitive goal last season in completing the First Level portion of my USDF Bronze Medal and put me well on my way toward meeting the Second Level part this season. She's patient and knowledgable and explains the how and why of each exercise we work on and each correction she gives. She has a good eye and understanding for the physical and mental strengths and weaknesses of each horse she works with and is able to help the rider bring out the best in their equine partner." -Rachael K. (San Rafael, Ca)
"My daughter loves horses, and I, having been raised with them, wanted to get her involved in riding lessons.  I came across an ad for Amiable Sporthorse on Craigslist, and placed a call.  Amy was quick to return my call, and we set up an appointment to meet.  My daughter was immediately enamored with her!  I cannot say enough about the patience and kindness she presents while instructing.  I always feel my daughter is safe with Amy, and feel comfortable leaving, if I cannot stay for the whole hour.  I am THRILLED to find someone like Amy to give my daughter the skills and confidence she needs!  I have had a lot of experience with horse trainers over the years, and I can tell you, Amy is fabulous!" -Sarah of Petaluma, Ca
"I am a lifelong rider and horse owner who really hoped my daughter would feel the same as me.  It's hard to teach your own kids so we looked for an instructor and wow did we get lucky.  My daughter has been riding with Amy for over a year now and has been completely transformed into a confident and excellent rider.  Amy just has a magical way with horses and people and especially children.  My daughter spends as much time with her as possible and is learning by leaps and bounds every aspect of horsemanship and riding (especially dressage).  Amy is just a great person to be around! She is a patient, kind and very knowledgeable instructor and trainer.  I put my full trust in Amy with my daughter and with my horse and she helped us choose my daughter's horse.  If you are looking for an instructor you really can't do better." -Kim of Petaluma, Ca
"I am an adult who has owned horses since I was 10. Amy has helped me with my four horses, keeping them fit and honest when I have been too busy to keep them on-task. My 16-yr-old son and I also take riding lessons from her: she has done an excellent job teaching my son basic riding and horsemanship skills, and helping me maintain my dressage skills. Amy is unfailing kind and humane to horses and humans alike. She shows respect to her clients, her client's horses, and her own horses. I highly recommend Amiable Sporthorse." -Marina of Novato, Ca
"As an adult rider who has developed a fear and been out of horses for many years; Amy has been very patient and knowledgable about bringing me back to riding.  I am finding my love again and am very happy." -Toni of Penngrove, Ca